About Us

We’re a husband & wife team with 3 small children.

Jon has been a licensed FFL since 1989.

Jon’s Guns & Pistol Packin’ Mommy started up over the summer in 2012. Emily had been off work due to heart troubles while pregnant with their 2nd son & eventually lost her job. After their son was born, though still having heart troubles, she found herself growing restless & bored. She began fiddling with various crafty things. She was in the process of trying to make resin jewelry, more specifically casting her own resin firearm pieces for jewelry. One day she & Jon almost simultaneously had the same idea during a trip to the range. Why couldn’t she make jewelry from empty casings? Jon immediately said no, since he could reload, but Emily pointed out that you can’t reload .22 so she started there. Her mother gave her all of her old beads & other supplies from when she used to make jewelry. In no time at all the creativity began to flow. After being asked repeatedly at events about making stud earrings Emily finally convinced Jon to start cutting casings to make them.

As Emily got more involved with Firearm related pages on Facebook she discovered she wasn’t the only person that had an idea to make jewelry out of casings but was happy to see that her creations were very different from others. With the request for her to make studs there wasn’t much way to make hers very different. She went for the thin stud route which seemed slightly less common (& soon discovered why because they were a lot more difficult to create). After her first 12 pairs she had an idea to try something to make her studs stand out & be different. She gave it a try & the colored lettering was born!

Emily completed her 1st order for a pair of studs with Purple Lettering & Amethyst Swarovski Crystals at the beginning of October 2012 and things exploded from there. As more items were requested, the variety of items that she makes continues to grow. Always open to custom orders & loving the challenge that some bring they’re a small family ( now of 5) trying to make their way.

Located in Ceres, Ca. For Customer Service call (209) 556-9313

Email: For Firearms or self defense related questions


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Wholesale orders are available! Email for pricing & information.

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